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Sandy Beach

A Lanzada Ocean Race 2020


In memory of 

Nacho G.Dobarro

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Welcome to the Virtual A Lanzada Ocean Race 2020

The A Lanzada Ocean Race takes place over a 16km or 8km distance covering Surfski, OC1, SUP and Prone categories. It is open to all from across the globe. Previous years the physical race has attracted competitors from France, Czech Republic, South Africa, Portugal and Brazil, to name a few.


So why a virtual event?

This year the International Canoe Federation recognised the A Lanzada Ocean Race as a national and international benchmark competition as part of their official calendar. The virtual race is here to extend the event participation to those who cannot make the physical event due to COVID mobility restrictions so they can take part and compete.


How can you take part?

You can take part in any body of water and attempt your best time as many times as you like during the event window. This will be a 30 day period between December 5th and January 3rd.


How do you track your paddle?

All you have to do is track your time using a GPS device then send us a log of your result by uploading a picture/screenshot or GPX file and submit with your results.


When will the results be posted online?

Full results will be posted online on Monday, January 4th. All results will be classified by racecraft and category.

What are the options for entry?

There are two options for entry: Premium or General.

Both options allow you to compete virtually wherever you are, whilst Premium entry also includes options for a finishers medal and branded merchandise delivered to you. 

Premium Entry Details

You have two options for premium entry:

Option 1 - Event T-shirt - additional €10 to your event entry per person.

Option 2 - Event T-shirt, backpack and water bottle - additional €25 to your event entry, per person.

Shipping is €10

Additional Payment Details

Once you have purchased your event ticket, you are required to fill out an additional form here with your preferred option. This form also includes details for the bank transfer of the additional premium entry costs direct to The Surfski Center Polledo Náutico de Portonovo. 

What racecraft categories are there?

The 15km distance is open to both Surfski and OC1 craft.

Surf Ski Single (SS1)

Surf Ski Double (SS2)

Outrigger Canoe Single (OC1)

The 8km distance is open to SUP and Prone boards.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Prone Board

What age groups are there?

Elite Men’s - age 18 - 39

Elite Woman’s - age 18 - 39

Masters Men’s - age 40+

Masters Woman’s - age 40+

Sandy Beach
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Virtual Entry Rules

Be Safe

It's yourself against the clock when you are competing virtually so please wear appropriate safety gear such as a PFD and/or a leash and make sure someone knows you're out on the water.

Haywood Sports recommends using the PaddleLIVE feature within the Paddle Logger iOS app so friends and family know you are safe and can track your progress - details here.

Any Water

You can paddle on rivers, lakes, canals or the sea, just remember to be safe with the conditions you choose. You can use the tides, river flow and downwind conditions to your advantage.

Own Risk

Remember you are taking part at your own risk - paddle in conditions you feel comfortable in however and make sure someone knows you are on the water and how long you are expecting to be. 

Standing Start

To make it fair to all competitors you must start from a standstill on all your attempts, no rolling starts. 

No Drafting

This is an individual Time Trial - paddle with friends but no drafting each other or boat wash to gain an advantage.

Upload Results

Submit your best time below on the Haywood Sports website before the event closes using the submission form. Times completed outside of the event window will not be counted - you must complete your Time Trial within the dates of the event.

A Few Extras


Celebrating - Please don’t post your time on your social media accounts until after the results are up on the Haywood Sports website (the day after the event finishes).


Just Before - Snap a photo and tag @nauticoportonovosurfskicenter and @haywood_sports on Instagram with #VirtualALanzada


You've Finished - Tag @nauticoportonovosurfskicenter and @haywood_sports in your celebration picture on Instagram with FINISHER #VirtualALanzadaFinisher


We Ask - Show us your support by following us on Instagram @nauticoportonovosurfskicenter and @haywood_sports and Like our pages on Facebook.


Tracking Your Time - Please use any GPS device such as a sports watch, phone app etc. Please also take a screenshot/photo of your result or export the gpx. file as proof to upload with your results.


Haven't got a GPS device? - We recommend using the Paddle Logger app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Download from the App Store.

Sandy Beach
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A Lanzada Ocean Race 2020
05 Dec 2020, 00:00 GMT
Virtual Competition
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