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To our Beach Racing Skills Workshp

At Haywood Sports, we are excited to offer our Beach Racing Skills Workshop. Our workshop is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning how to race on the beach or improve their skills.


Our coaches are knowledgeable and experienced in the sport and will provide you with the guidance you need to succeed. We will cover everything from the basics of beach racing to advanced techniques.

Learn and develop the skills needed to take on a typical beach technical race in our specific Beach Racing Skills workshop. 

We start by looking at what elements you will face on a Beach Technical race, including start variations, course layouts and distances, giving you the foundation to develop your techniques and skills.

Beach Starts - You will come across several variations, from running with your board to beach sprints and even staggered starts collecting your paddle and then board before entering the water. We get your setup right, so you know where to put your paddle, how to prep your leash and where best to hold your board, all before talking about the best way to launch and maximise your momentum.

Buoy Turns - Next, it's all about getting around the course marks and giving you the options so you can stay on your board and deal with whatever the conditions or race throws you. We consider different ways to turn, how that changes with what's in front of you and when to play it safe. We also cover dealing with teh currents and chop, so you manage the turn better, including your approach line. 

Handling Waves & Chop - One of teh biggest challenges is dealing with conditions on the day, so we look at techniques and skills to keep you paddling. We look at how currents affect your line choice, when to accelerate for a wave and how to deal with a cross chop. 

Putting it Together - Finally, we bring all the skills together as we run a demo course layout with beach transitions and teach you how to come in whilst dealing with the waves.

You will require your own kit to participate but speak to us about options from our fleet (additional hire charge applies).


Workshop Options

We have two options for our Beach Racing Skills Workshops.

1. A 2-hour skills brush up covering everything from race starts, turns and paddling in sea conditions.

2. A full day for an in-depth look into everything beach racing, including transitions, types of races and event prep. 

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