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Ice Breaker Series

Race 4 - 8km Distance Race
10th - 17th Jan 
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The Bray Lake Winter Ice Breaker Series
is back for 2020! 


With five races making up the series, 2020 is the first time you can enter each race virtually as well. 

Who can enter the races?
The Bray Lake, Winter Ice Breaker races are open to all with each race being its own stand-alone event and forming part of the Ice Breaker series.

How can you take part?
In 2020 you can enter the physical race held at Bray Lake or virtually through the Haywood Sports website. 

How do you enter the series?
If you complete 3 or more races, you will automatically be entered into the series standing. For your results to count towards a series standing, you must have first completed a 2km time trial to set your series division and compete on the same board in each race.

How do you know which division you should race in?
Your 2km time is used to align you to the following divisions. 
Division 1 – 13:29 and under
Division 2 – 13:30 – 14:59
Division 3 – 15:00 – 16:29
Division 4 – 16:30 – 17:59
Division 5 – 18:00 and over

What dates are the races?

Each race is held physically at Bray Lake on the below dates. For Virtual entries, you have a 4-day window in which to complete and submit your time.

Race 1 - Sunday 11th October (Virtual until Wed 14th Oct) 

Race 2 - Sunday 8th November (Virtual until Sun 15th Nov)

Race 3 - Sunday 13th December (Virtual until Wed 16th Dec)

Race 4 - Sunday 10th January  (Virtual until Wed 13th Jan)

Race 5 - Sunday 14th February (Virtual until Wed 17th Feb)

When will the results be posted online?

Complete results will be available to download on the day after the event window close for virtual paddlers. All results will be combined to give a full list and also separately for racers taking part at Bray Lake and virtually.


Virtual Entry Rules

  • Be Safe - It's yourself against the clock when you are competing virtually so please wear an appropriate leash and make sure someone knows you're out on the water. We recommend using the PaddleLIVE feature within the Paddle Logger iOS app so friends and family know you are safe and can track your progress - details here.

  • Be Fair - You can paddle on rivers, lakes, canals or the sea, just remember to be fair to others with the conditions you choose. We ask you to not use the tides, river flow or wind to your advantage and be honest with your results.​


  • Own Risk - Remember you are taking part at your own risk - paddle in conditions you feel comfortable in and make sure someone knows you are on the water.​


  • Start & Finish - To make it as fair as possible, you must start and finish in the same spot. ​


  • Standing Start - You must also start from a standstill on all your attempts, no rolling starts.


  • No Drafting - This is an individual Time Trial - paddle with friends but no drafting each other or boat wash to gain an advantage.


  • Upload Results - Submit your best time on the website before the event closes on the submission page. Times outside of the event window will not be counted - you must complete your Time Trial within the dates of the event.


A Few Extras


  • Celebrating - Please don't post your time on your social media accounts until after the results are up on Haywood Sports pages (the day after the event finishes).


  • Just Before - Snap a photo and tag @braylakewatersports and @haywood_sports on Instagram with #Icebreakerseries


  • You've Finished - Tag @braylakewatersports and @haywood_sports in your celebration picture on Instagram with FINISHER #Icebreakerseries

  • We Ask - Show us your support by following us on Instagram @braylakewatersports and @haywood_sports and Like our pages on Facebook.


  • Tracking Your Time - Please use any GPS device such as a sports watch, phone app etc. Please also take a screenshot/photo of your result or export the gpx. file as proof to upload with your results.

  • Haven't got a GPS device? - We recommend the using the Paddle Logger app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Download from the App Store.

Bray Lake Winter Series 2020 - Race 4
Jan 10, 12:00 AM
Virtual Entry

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