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Advanced Skills

Develop your skills to take your paddling further than ever before.

Race Ready


Get your SUP racing off the line

Get ready to race and brush up your skills.

It can be daunting heading to a start line full of experienced paddlers but with a bit of knowledge and practice beforehand you will enjoy the experience. 


This session aims to give you a head start by looking at a technique for paddling faster, different types of racing and what to do on the start line to ensure a clean getaway. It's also a great session for brushing up on your skills and making moves up the field.

Put the fears of going racing to bed and prepare to take the challenge to those in front of you with this race-specific session.

1hr 30mins

Surf Ready


Hit the beach running ready to catch some waves

Thinking of catching some waves? Then this one is for you.


Surfing is one of the most fun things you can do on your SUP and this session is all about getting you ready to catch some waves or build your confidence to progress in the surf.

We show you how to safely get out through the surf, how to catch your first waves and how to get back in again safely. You will learn about timing to catch waves, starting to turn and what to do with your paddle once on the wave.

1hr 30mins

Buoy Turning


Make turning you board simple

This session is all about giving you more confidence when turning your board. 


Turning your board is a fundamental skill which you will use all the time when paddling. From buoy turns in races to manoeuvering during leisure paddles, this session will leave you turning more confidently.

Our Buoy Turning session will help you to reduce the risk of falling in by teaching you simple footwork and paddle techniques to help you maintain your balance. Not only will you improve your turning technique, but you will also develop more confidence moving around your board, which will help in all aspects of SUP.

1hr 30mins

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