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Core Skills

Build solid foundations to start taking your paddling to the next level


Balance and Control


Gain confidence on your board in all conditions

If you struggle to confidently move your feet or control your board then our Balance & Control session is for you. 


This session is all about building confidence and is a foundation for all paddling disciplines. We will focus on making you more comfortable on your board through the application of simple balance and control techniques.

During this session you will also learn the only 5 stances you will ever need on a SUP no matter what you are doing - from recreational paddling, surfing, racing, and everything in between.

1hr 30mins 

Technique Review


Paddle for longer, avoid injury and increase performance

No matter whether you're a recreational paddler exploring your local paddling spot or top-line racer looking to make gains in your speed, good paddle technique is the foundation to enjoying your time on the water.


At Haywood Sports we focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses, therefore giving you more tools in the box and getting the foundations right to facilitate progress,

In this session, we review your technique and point you in the right direction depending on your goal. This could be to gain more speed, paddle for longer or to prevent the same old injuries keeping you off the water.

1hr 30mins

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