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Welcome to the Head of the Dart Virtual Challenge 

Whether you are new to paddling or been paddling for a while, this challenge has something for everyone!


Our aim is that as a community during April and May we can paddle 33,810KM, which is equal to paddling the length of each of the longest rivers in the world and raise money for our chosen charities – RNLI and Surfers Against Sewage – at the same time.

Full details and entry to the challenge can be found on the Head of the Dart website here.

Submitting Your Results

Throughout the challenge, we would like to keep a running total of the distance we have covered so far. Therefore we ask you to submit your results as soon as possible after completing each paddle. 

The virtual challenge takes place between the 1st of April and the 31st of May, and the deadline for submissions is Friday, the 4th of June.

How do you track my distance?

Use any GPS device such as a sports watch or phone app to track your distance. Please also take a screenshot/photo of your completed distances or export the gpx file to upload with your results. 

Haven't got a GPS device? We recommend the Paddle Logger app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Download from the App Store.

Do I need to submit my time?

No, you are not required to submit your time. This challenge is all about distance, so all you need to submit is how far you have paddled. 

When can I submit my results?

Any paddles you complete within the event window of 1st April to 31st May will count. We will accept submissions from the 1st of April until the 4th of June. 

How do I submit my results?

Complete the form at the bottom of this page. You can upload a maximum of 3 paddles at a time, and you must include the distance, date and a supporting file for each paddle to verify the distance completed.

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A Few Extras
  • Be Safe -  Please wear an appropriate leash and make sure someone knows you're out on the water. We recommend using the PaddleLIVE® feature within the Paddle Logger iOS app so friends and family know you are safe and can track your progress - details here.​​


  • Own Risk - Remember, you are taking part at your own risk. Paddle in conditions that are safe and you feel comfortable in. Follow the appropriate guidelines for your area and water access, and make sure someone knows you are on the water and how long you expect to be paddling.

  • We Ask - Show us your support by following us on Instagram @haywood_sports@hotd_sup_challenge and Like our Facebook pages. We will also encourage paddlers to tag us in any social media posts using the hashtag #hotdvirtual 

  • Check Out Our Blogs - Including advice, tips and ideas on how to stay safe during the challenge, training and the best equipment for you—follow our blogs here.

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Submit Your Distances Here!

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