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Training & Race Days 2021

Training - Clinics - Racing

Welcome to the Oxford SUP Club Training and Race Days 2021

A series of action-packed days of SUP to push your paddling further than ever before in partnership with Oxford SUP Club.

What's the format of the day?

Each day includes a fitness and skills training session, technique clinic and then finishes with a SUP race. You don't have to attend the whole day so you can come for the morning skills sessions or afternoon racing.  

What are the dates?

We have five dates planned which are:

31st May

26th June

17th July

21st August

18th September

What are the times for each date?

Each day is planned to run as follows:

Coffee & Chat 9 am - 10 am

Training Session 10 am - 11 am

Clinic 11:30am - 12:30 pm

Lunch for 1 hour?

Race Briefing 1:30 pm

Race Start 2 pm

Wrap Up 3:30 pm

How do I enter the events?

Head over to the Oxford SUP Club website here to enter. 

For more details on what to expect on the day, check out the sections below.


Training - Clinics - Racing


Training Sessions

To kick start the day and get you moving in the morning, we start with one of our Training Sessions.

Focused on drills and intervals, the training sessions are a great way to push your fitness, get you paddling faster, mix up your training for better results, and have more fun. 

You don't need to be an experienced paddler to join in; as long as your confidently standing on your board and willing to get stuck in, that's all you need. Each session is designed to be run by time, so no matter what speed your paddling at, you are working the same as everyone else and won't be left behind. 

Each training session is an hour in total, including a warm-up, training block and drills, so you will get plenty from the session to take into your own paddling. 



Our clinics are all about giving you a set of skills that will open up your paddling world.


Our ethos at Haywood Sports is built up a set of foundation techniques that you can apply anywhere when paddling. So it doesn't matter whether it's a gentle river cruise or SUP surfing; we believe that there is a common set of techniques across all of them. 

In each clinic, we will focus on a different set of techniques, breaking them down into smaller sections to build your skills and knowledge. 

The clinics we are covering include:

 Paddling Technique

Paddle Skills, Board Control & Stances 

Footwork & Turning
SUP Scenarios

The clinics can be completed in sequence to build a complete set of techniques and skills or on their own to help you improve a specific area in your paddling.


SUP Racing

The UK SUP Racing scene covers a vast array of racing for all levels with the club racing scene is particularly strong.


Oxford SUP Club have been building a presence in the scene and it was only a matter of time before they took the steps to hold their own club races. Haywood Sports is helping make that happen in 2021 with the inaugural Oxford SUP Club Summer Series.

The racing is open to everyone form novices to advanced paddlers and each race will provide a different format so you can experience all types of SUP racing.

Over the summer series there will be five races with stand-alone and series rankings associated. 

The aim of the series is to provide you with a local and fun series to hone your skills or get your first taste of SUP racing in a club setting. We hope to inspire you to then take your racing forward to the National series join the other club paddlers who have already made that step. 

Each year there is also a SUP Club Championships hosted by our friends at Bray Lake Watersports. Oxford SUP Club has always been a regular at this event and the series is a great way to build your confidence up before taking on the challenges at this event.

You can entre the races as part of the full Training and Race day or as a stand alone entry fee, both being available to book on the Oxford SUP Club website here.


Rules and paddler categories are explained in the below section

How are paddlers categorised?

We use a division classification to categorise the competitors. You must first complete a 2km time trial to set your race division. Your race division will then be used throughout the series, and you must compete on the same board in each race. If you change your board, you must complete a new 2km time trial to update your division.

How do you know which division you should race in?

Your 2km time is used to align you to the following divisions.

Division 1 – 13:29 and under

Division 2 – 13:30 – 14:59

Division 3 – 15:00 – 16:29

Division 4 – 16:30 – 17:59

Division 5 – 18:00 and over

How are the results calculated for each race?

Overall placings will be categorised by the paddlers finish time, with the top three places in each division being ranked.

How do you get a series ranking?

If you complete three or more races, you will automatically be entered into the overall series standings with an opportunity to compete for a top-three ranking place in your division. Your series ranking will be classified from your best three results.

When will the results be posted online?

Complete results will be available to download during the day race.

Previous results are available here.

Oxford SUP Club Training & Race Day - August 21st
Oxford SUP Club Training & Race Day - August 21st
21 Aug 2021, 09:00
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