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Saunton SUP surf progression clinic

14th & 15th May 2022

To our SUP Surf Progression Clinic

Are you ready to take your SUP Surfing up a notch? Well, you have come to the right place.

A two-day clinic jam-packed with skills, knowledge and techniques that will get you tuning better, reading the waves easier and having more fun.

During the clinic, you will learn the skills, knowledge, and progression to develop your surfing style and be more confident in the surf. Learn to read the waves and understand what turns are best for that moment to maximise your ride time and, most importantly, of all, the smile factor.

We will also give you the knowledge to stay safe when in the surf zone and to consider when heading to a new beach for the first time. Understand the water, what to look out for, areas to avoid, what to do if it goes wrong and how to call for help. Your safety is key, so our goal is to give you the confidence to get out again and progress after the clinic. 

So what can you expect to learn over the weekend?

Knowledge - Using forecasts, apps and reports to predict the best conditions and reading the water and understanding hazards associated with the surf zone.

Equipment - Understand different surf shapes and where they work best. What difference do paddles make, and how they will help you improve by having the right paddle.

Different types of waves and breaks - how can you tell if it's a beach break? Are there rocks to avoid and understand why a particular wave is breaking as it is? 

Skills - Improving your control and developing your turns on your front and back sides. Improve your footwork and how to use the paddle to drive your turns.

Techniques - Catch waves easier and exit the wave under control, so you stay out back in the best position. How do things change as waves get bigger?

What experience do I need?

This clinic is primarily aimed at intermediate paddlers. You should be at a stage of catching, and riding waves and are now looking to improve your skills in the surf zone. 


Do I need my own equipment?

Yes, please bring along your own paddling equipment. We will have a few boards with us, so do get in touch if you don't have something suitable. A complete list of what you should bring is available here. 

What clothing do you recommend?

We recommend having a 4/3 mm or 5mm wetsuit and boots as the water temperature can still be chilly in May. We will also be covering some techniques on land, so do also bring warm clothing such as a dry robe or something similar. Do also bring a range of casual clothing and warm layers.

A complete recommended list is available here.

What if I don't have something you recommend? 

We work with multiple kit suppliers, including Bray Lake Watersports, who have dedicated clothing, accessories, and an equipment shop. Please get in touch, and we can help you with any recommendations.

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Recommended Kit List

Here is our recommended kit list for the weekend.

Wetsuit - Winter wetsuits and boots are recommended. Bring two if you have them, so you have a dry option throughout the sessions.

Paddle Equipment - SUP Surf board and paddle. We will have a couple of boards available if you need them so please get in touch. Fins make a big difference too so if you have any alternate options bring them along.

Safety - As a minimum a straight leash for surf. If you have two its always wise to bring a spare.

Clothing/other items- Plenty of warm clothing as we will be mostly outside every day in an exposed location. A dryrobe or equivalent is highly recommended as is flasks for tea & coffee etc. Waterproof options would be recommended just in case as we will be on the beach doing theory at times. 

Kit list
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Places To Stay

Our weekend will be based at Saunton Sands beach in North Devon. There is plenty of holiday lets, Airbnb's and other accommodation nearby. 

Here is a list of some campsites we would recommend looking at. 

Bay View Farm Caravan & Camping Park - Braunton

Ocean Pitch Campsite - Croyde

Hele Valley Holiday Park - Ilfracombe

SUP Surf Progression Clinic
SUP Surf Progression Clinic
14 May 2022, 09:00 – 15 May 2022, 16:30
Saunton Sands,
Saunton Sands
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