Video Coaching

Find out exactly what's going on with our Video Coaching available both online and in-person

Video Coaching Options

1:1 Video Coaching Session

Work with your coach using slow-motion video to dig into the details of your paddling technique and skills.

Our Video Coaching sessions work great for ironing out those annoying bad habits or sharpening up your footwork.


Throughout the session you will review your footage and build an action plan with your coach, working through drills to help cement your improvements in.


Video Coaching works great for paddling technique or honing skills such as buoy turns and beach starts.

Online Video Coaching

Run over video call these sessions are great for getting results no matter where you are. 

We will analyse your video clips and build an action plan for you ahead of the video call with your coach. 

Your coach will then playback your plan to you so you get a clear understanding of how to improve, you can ask any questions live with your coach and talk about what next to ensure your get the results your after.

Choose from our paddling technique or skills sessions or contact us for a bespoke session.  

1:1 Video Coaching Sessions

Video Coaching


The devil is in the detail 

Haywood Sports can use detailed video coaching techniques to dive into your specific needs and show you exactly what's going on.

Using slow-motion and an analytical eye, a Haywood Sports Video Coaching session will allow you to review your progress with one of our coaches and work together off the water to make changes that deliver results on the water.


We will identify and show you the positive aspects of your technique and build on your strengths to help you meet your goal.

1hr 30mins

Online Video Coaching

How it works

Pick your session, record your clips then book it in

We can help you with paddle technique or brushing up your skills, anything is possible here at Haywood Sports.

Decide which session you want to do then follow our guides to record and send your video clips to us. 

After that book a time that suits your for the video call where your coach will talk you through your review and action plan.


How to get your video clips ready

Follow our simple guides to make sure your video clips are ready for your coach to work with.

Once your clips are ready email them to us at

Download the guides here.


Paddle Technique


Get your technique analysed and build your plan to improve 

A solid paddling technique is the foundation for all your SUP adventures and is the key to paddling for longer, reducing injury risks and for progression.

You coach will analyse your technique videos and build you a plan of action to help you improve. You coach will then walk you through your technique analysis and your action plan during your scheduled video call, including what drills will support your progression.

Before booking be sure to check out the video guidelines to help you get the best clips for your coach to work with.

No matter where you are get the improvements your after.



Paddling Skills


Build your SUP Skills and unlock your potential

Fundamental skills are the core of any sport and working on them allows you to progress with more confidence. 

Your coach can work with you on a variety of skills including buoy turns, footwork or race starts

Before booking be sure to check out the video guidelines to help you get the best clips for your coach to work with.

No matter where you are get the improvements your after.