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SUP Skills

Kick start your progression the right way with our SUP Skills courses

Foundation Skills

SUP Foundation

Getting the basics right is like setting down a good foundation for your home. A solid base of technique and skills will help you progress faster, enjoy more areas of the sport and enjoy your paddling more. 

This session covers the basics of techniques, from standing up to paddling efficiently. We also cover basic turns and give you pointers to help you when the conditions change.

Alongside the practical skills, we also build your knowledge around forecasts and weather conditions so you are safer on the water and can find more times to go out paddling. 

£45 per person 


SUP Safety

Practically building your safety skills will ensure you are more confident on the water and have the knowledge to deal with the situation when things go wrong.

Our SUP Saftey course teaches you the foundations of weather conditions, ocean and river knowledge and what challenges you might face when out paddling. We also cover practical skills such as self-rescue techniques, what to do in worsening conditions and how to assist other paddlers.

Alongside the practical and knowledge learning, we will also take you through different kit options to help keep you safe and how to call upon the emergency services and track your position. 

£45 per person 

SUP Ready

Race Ready

It can be daunting heading to a start line full of experienced paddlers, but with a bit of knowledge and practice beforehand, you will enjoy the experience. 

This session aims to give you a head start by looking at techniques for paddling faster, different types of racing and what to do on the start line to ensure a clean getaway.

We will practise different types of race starts, take a look at your technique, give you some pointers on buoy turns and offer our insights into racing knowledge and kit choices. 

£60 per person


SUP Surf Ready

Surfing is one of the most fun things you can do on your SUP. This session is about getting you ready to catch some waves or build your confidence to progress.

We show you how to get out through the surf safely, catch your first waves, and get back in again safely.

You will also learn about timing to catch waves, what to do with your paddle as you start to ride along the waves and how to make your first turns. 

To back up the practical elements, we will also talk you through the basics of surf forecasts and what rules there are when out in the waves.

£75 per person

Downwind Ready

Take your first steps into downwind paddling with our Downwind Ready course. 

We will take you through the basics needed so you can start catching and riding bumps, along with how to move your feet and different paddle techniques. 

This course will also cover knowledge and safety, including downwinding kit, forecasts, logistics, and recommended safety equipment. 

£100 per person

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