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Haywood Sports offers a variety of courses for different athletic levels and sports needs.

If you’re looking to improve and progress to the next level, you can find the support and resources you need right here.


Additionally, we personally consult with you to understand your unique goals, no matter if you're an individual, a club or a group.


We can help you achieve the results you want with our tailored training packages. 




Build solid foundations to start taking your paddling to the next level

No matter what type of paddling you do, having solid foundations is key to unlocking further progression and enjoyment when on the water.



In our Core Skills sessions, you will learn simple techniques allowing you to take strides forward, become more confident on your board, understand how to control it and master turning.



Throw away the rule book and let us show you how simple paddling is.




Develop your skills to take your paddling further than before

You never stop learning in life and that applies to paddling too. Developing your skills in your preferred discipline will also help you to progress in other aspects of paddleboarding.

With our Advanced Skills sessions you will see results like never before. One of our fundamental principles at Haywood Sports is to make your paddling as simple and efficient as possible while still achieving results.

Develop your skills, broaden your paddling abilities and go further and faster than before.





From £60

Have a unique goal you want to achieve? We can show you how

Paddling is such a diverse sport that there are endless possibilities. Haywood Sports has the depth of knowledge to help you meet that goal.

From improving your training sessions to paddling a new challenge. no matter what your goal, Haywood Sports will help you plan, develop and deliver against it.

Forget the coaching manual and achieve your goal.




From £45

Part of a group or club that wants to improve? Look no further

The best sessions are ones spent with friends and like-minded individuals on the water. Haywood Sports can deliver enjoyable sessions that will provide progression for all.

Choose one of our Core or Advanced Skills sessions to gain confidence during regular paddles or challenging the club to go racing or catch waves.  

Haywood Sports can also help you with bespoke goals. This could be running training sessions, developing a race plan or working towards a bigger challenge.




From £45

Get the detail in the clearest possible way

The devil is in the detail. Haywood Sports can use detailed video coaching techniques to dive into your specific needs and show you exactly what's going on.

Using slow-motion and an analytical eye, a Haywood Sports Video Coaching session will allow you to review your progress with one of our coaches and work together off the water to make changes that deliver results on the water.


We will identify and show you the positive aspects of your technique and build on your strengths to help you meet your goal.

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