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To our Women's SUP Surf Camp

A weekend full of SUP surfing, yoga, skills & knowledge and all things beach life, organised by our very own...

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Our Women's SUP Surf Camp is all about living the SUP Surf lifestyle by hitting the beach, getting salt in your hair and the sun on your face. A weekend that includes SUP Surf coaching, Yoga Sessions, and the Skills and Knowledge to take your paddling further than before and immerse you into the beach lifestyle.

Our Righteous Mum Lauren will be organising everything from our SUP surfing session, places to eat and the beach yoga session with local teacher Jess

So what can you expect to learn over the weekend?

Over the weekend, you will learn a range of skills and knowledge to help you get into SUP Surfing. A full list can be found here.

Skills - From learning to catch your first waves and progressing to your first turns to developing your skills to catch more waves and ride them with more confidence. 

Knowledge - Using forecasts, apps and reports to predict the best conditions and reading the water and understanding hazards associated with the surf zone.

Equipment - Get an understanding of kit basics and what different types of boards, paddles and fins will make for your surfing. 

Different types of waves and breaks - how can you tell if it's a beach break? Are there rocks to avoid and understand why a particular wave is breaking as it is? 

What experience do I need?

The camp is aimed at beginners to SUP Surfing and intermediate paddlers who are already catching waves. You should be a competent paddler but no need to have any surfing experience. For those already catching waves, we will set goals for you to push your paddling further and progress your turns and skills.


Do I need my own equipment?

Yes, please bring along your own paddling equipment. We will have a few school boards with us, so do get in touch if you don't have something suitable. A complete list of what you should bring is available here. 

What clothing do you recommend?

We recommend having a full wetsuit, ideally a 4/3mm. If you are unsure about what to bring, please drop us a message. We will also be covering some techniques on land, so bring warm clothing such as a dry robe or something similar. Do also bring a range of casual clothing and warm layers.

A complete recommended list is available here.

What if I don't have something you recommend? 

We work with multiple kit suppliers, including Bray Lake Watersports, who have dedicated clothing, accessories, and an equipment shop. Please get in touch, and we can help you with any recommendations.